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Optimal Study – Professional

The OPTIMAL study is a prospective multi-centre study seeking to optimise the palliative treatment of patients with bone metastases of the long bones. Local treatments currently consist of radiotherapy and/or surgery. This study aims to collect data to define indications, risk factors and outcomes of local treatments. In depth knowledge concerning these aspects of treatment will lead to a more personalised treatment.

The backbone of the study is a prospective, web-based cohort. All patients receiving radiotherapy or surgery for bone metastases of the long bones are eligible for inclusion. The primary outcome measures are patient reported through (online) questionnaires.

Embedded in the OPTIMAL study are several trials. The current trial is the Post-Operative Radiotherapy (PORT) study, a randomised controlled trial to evaluate the effect of post-operative radiotherapy on pain. Other trials will follow in the future.

Contact us if you are interested in participating in this study.

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